NEW SHOW :: ANGELS - Dimitris Siafarikas

April 14th, 2014 |

Hosted by Dimitris Siafarikas
Premiere: April 20th 2014 @ 8AM EST [convert timezone]

Dimitris “Rafe” Siafarikas is a young and passionate DJ from the small Greek town of Tirnavos, whose love for the music shines through his sets. After discovering electronic music, he began DJing in local bars and fine tuning a sound that merges deep electronica and movie score influences, a combination that creates a unique and epic journey. As a frequent guest on Addliss’ show “Waves”, as well as “Deep My Way”, Dimitris has repeatedly proven that his special blend of genres and carefully chosen track selections deserve the listeners’ undivided attention. Coming April 20th, Dimitris will host his own show on Frisky Radio’s Chill Station: “Angels”. Covering a range of relaxing, thought provoking, and creative music, “Angels” will be the the perfect avenue to transmit the special vibes of Dimitris Siafarikas.

Get a sense of what’s to come by listening to his guest mixes, and be ready to tune in on Sunday April 20th at 8AM EST, or listen any time after on

FRISKY Loves China - April 26 2014

April 14th, 2014 |

FRISKY Loves China

Premiere: Saturday April 26 2014 @ 11AM CET / 5PM Hong Kong
[convert timezone]

The Frisky Loves series is back with a trip to China, where a large group of dedicated DJs will be featuring the best from their local dance music scenes. Bringing us the sound of the underground, Frisky Loves China will be a unique showcase that will transmit the energy and passion of these select DJs, bringing the listeners an unparalleled musical experience. In order to learn more about the sound and feel of China and Hong Kong’s electronic music scenes, we asked a few of the show’s DJs to tell us about their distinct place in the industry.

FRISKY: Can you describe the underground electronic music scene in China/Hong Kong?  What do you think are some of its unique characteristics that might be different from elsewhere?

NiChiFanLeMei (Hu Yang): I do not know when China’s electronic music scene is it started, but it is happening. Chinese people have their own very unique way of thinking. For example, they are more restrained than Westerners, and do not easily express themselves.

Ocean Lam: As I am based in HK, from what I am seeing now the underground scene is growing, but slowly. There are more and more promoters in HK and China doing many different cool underground events with guests from overseas as well as local artists. The main issue is the available venues. We can feel that people here are always up for good music, however, it is difficult to convince most of the bars and clubs here that underground music is good for business. I really hope in the future that we will have more supportive venues! There are some good underground clubs in China that I would like to mention, Arkham, Lantern & The Shelter. Bassment Bar, Oma & XXX are some of the best venues in HK which are always welcome for good underground music and always have good crowds.

FRISKY: Often people from outside China describe it as being a tough market to get into. What advice would you have for artists, labels or promoters trying to get gigs in China?

Ocean Lam: I think in order for artists/promoters/labels outside of China to get more gigs in China, they should get in touch with the suitable agencies who can hook them up with the right clubs, as Chinese clubs are big and try to promote their music not only through Facebook. Or maybe the artists can put add a Chinese description for their music, this might help. It should be easier for artists to promote their music in HK as there are many good pages on Facebook where you can easily find the right promoters or clubs to get more gigs here.

FRISKY: Which labels are the most influential, or best represent China’s electronic music scene?

NiChiFanLeMei  (Hu Yang): China used to have one of the most influential electronic music label called Acupuncture Records but it has now disbanded. The main producer Elvis.T from Acupuncture Records created his new label project “Dot Records” for Techno and House. Also I run a label called “Passphrase Agentur”, which just released the 1st EP few month ago. Other labels are “Shanshui Records” for Electro, “Subculture” for Bass. It’s really hard to say which is the best, because everything is developing.

Sam Fall: I suppose Progressive Digital Station is the most influential progressive label in China.

Ocean Lam: Typhoon 8 records (Hong Kong-based techno & house label) and Dot Records based in China are the best to me. I am also helping Typhoon 8 Records looking for new good artists and music, and I had one release out this past December.

FRISKY: What genres are represented most often by local or touring DJs?

NiChiFanLeMei (Hu Yang): I think house music can work a lot of places. Beijing is good for Tech House and Techno, Shanghai always has more choice. Right now many young people like Dubstep, Electro or something else about high energy music. But it’s still not too big of a scene.

Sam Fall: Mashup and Electro House are considered to be the most widely used styles in China for now. But we PDS don’t like them, coz they’re too noisy.

Ocean Lam: Deep House, Techno & Tech House

FRISKY: Are there any local electronic music festivals or events that we should know about?

NiChiFanLeMei (Hu Yang): Yes: “Intro Electronic Music Festival” in Beijing. It started in 2009. I think it is the only one real underground electronic music and international level music festival - Chris Liebing, M.A.N.D.Y, Gui Boratto, Paul Ritch, Josh Wink, Christian Smith … and a lot of good local DJs.

Sam Fall: Shanghai Storm Electronic MusicFestival and Great Wall Music Festival are essential to know about.

Ocean Lam: Clockenflap Arts & Music Festival for sure! I played at this festival for the last 3 years and I would say that was the best DJing experiences and moments that I have ever felt in HK! I have my own event called “Hypnotic” and will have one event on 16 May with guest Tigerskin -Live (Dirt Crew Recording/Berlin), collaborating with Typhoon 8 Records, at Bassment! Dixon (Berlin) will be presented by our friends PUSH on the next day! Our other friends small&TALL are doing many good parties as well.  If you are in HK, be sure to check them all out!

Tune into this unique glimpse of the underground sound of China and Hong Kong on Saturday April 26th starting at 11AM CET / 5PM Hong Kong! [convert timezone]


March 21st, 2014 |


As a DJ, label manager, and radio host, Steve Parry has been a critical part of the house music industry for over 20 years. He began DJing at Liverpool’s club Fallows at the age of 18, an opportunity given to him by Dave Ralph, where he spun alongside many of those who would go on to represent the future of the industry. Here he began forming relationships with DJs such as Sasha, Larent Garnier, and Dave Seaman, which would continue for many years to come. In 1997, Steve started the club Aldreraan as an alternative to the current Liverpool scene, a place where he and other like minded DJs including Danny Howells, James Zabiella, Lee Burridge, and Quivver could play their own sound… a sound that would go on to change the musical landscape of the city and beyond.

Steve’s influence as an industry game changer would continue as the manager for 3 Beat Records, where for over 10 years he was able to put the best new tracks in the hands of the biggest globetrotting DJs, and help spread quality electronic music around the world. His respect from his peers and endless passion for the music has given Steve continued success in his many current ventures as well, including hosting the popular “The Red Zone” radio show, running the multi-faceted SMP3 Management, doing A&R consulting for several labels and artists, as well as co-running Selador Recordings with Dave Seaman. Not to mention DJing around the world!

With over 20 years of dedication to house music from all sides of the industry, Steve Parry carries with him an unrivaled knowledge, amazing set of experiences, and dedication that will last for decades to come. FRISKY Radio is excited to feature him as Artist of the Week, airing Tuesday March 25 at 2PM EST [convert timezone]. We just had to hear more from this staple of the electronic music industry, and caught up for a few questions about his past experiences and ideas for the future.

FRISKY: Can you tell us a favorite story (or two) from the days of Alderaan and your residency at Cream?

Steve Parry: Alderaan was in a tin room above a pub, on paper it shouldn’t have worked, but it really did. With its 100 capacity, it often filled up and went crazy on the dance floor by 10 mins of opening. The first time we did a Tilt night, Quivver was playing to 100 people going crazy by about 9.30pm, it was wild… all of the Danny Howells’ Alderaan birthday parties were pretty special, he was the king of that little room! He also played at my 30th birthday party at Alderaan, I was having a great time when the power in the venue tripped and we were plunged into darkness and with no sound, so Danny gets everybody to sing ‘happy birthday to me’ haha, was very funny and random! The sound came on almost on cue as the singing stopped!

Cream was great, I had some brilliant nights in there. I used to go clubbing there for many years before I started playing there, so I saw the club from both sides. I used to love to party in the courtyard, and so when I was asked to play before Sasha, who was my favourite DJ at the time, before him, in my favourite room of my favourite club, well I enjoyed that gig. It was absolutely rammed in there and was going crazy, and I was actually very happy that he was 30 mins late so I got to keep on playing! haha

Another time was a nice moment, when I was playing in the main room, and Yousef was in the annexe.  We’ve been friends for a long time, And as DJ friends do, we used to play together for many years, from small clubs and bars to many a house party at silly o’clock in the morning DJing peoples’ kitchens… and we used to say… one day we will both be playing Cream, one of us each playing in a different room  (I think was rated as one of worlds best clubs then)… and then the day that it happened, and we realized that our dream had come true, well that felt pretty special.

FRISKY: How do you think the label business has changed from when you started to how it is now?

SP: From a record label point of view, I’m still certainly a novice, as our label ‘Selador’ hasn’t been running for a year as yet, however I have been working in the music industry for 25 years, so I’ve seen everything change a real lot. When I started DJing, house music was a new thing, some classed as a fad that would fizzle away (how wrong were they?!) and it was all vinyl.

I liked the way the vinyl structuring system worked. If you were Joe Bloggs, you waited until the track was released and then rushed to your record store to buy it. If you were a working DJ you may be lucky enough to get a promo a few weeks before release. If you were doing really well you may have a test pressing a few weeks ahead of the promo and be über upfront, or if you were a big dog or very well connected you could cut an acetate and be stupidly upfront of the crowd. I loved that tiered system. It gave you something to strive for, to keep getting better. You had to wait for music to arrive to you, it wasn’t so instant as nowadays. It was more valued, it was also a lot more expensive to purchase, and so because of that, record labels really had to have quality control. You couldn’t just release anything, as there were pressing costs etc… and if you were a record buyer, you were fussy with what you purchased, which means you only bought music that you really liked. This has all changed. It’s now very easy to quickly get music (legally or illegally), it’s cheap, which devalues the music, it’s more throwaway, tunes don’t stay around for months like they used to.

One other major thing that has changed is the demise of the record shop, it has caused a lack of sense of community for the DJs, a meeting place of DJs of all genres to chat and discuss music. I think this was very important. A place to meet your local heroes, a chance to discuss other musical possibilities, collaborations etc… this has disappeared now, and it’s sad, as it was an important musical hub.

FRISKY: Is there something about the electronic music industry today that surprises you?

SP: Yes I’m constantly surprised at how much really good music there is every week! And that is obviously a very good thing! It means that the whole scene is alive and well!

FRISKY: What do you see as the future of record labels in this industry?

SP: I think it is important for record labels to keep pushing music forward and not to be safe musically. To believe and push musical boundaries. Also it’s important to nurture artists and make them part of the label, so it’s almost like a family. I see over the last few years of the digital era that many labels’ artists releases have been musically fragmented with who they release for. It would be good for the labels to help really bring the artist’s sound on, and move things forward. People will always swap and change labels, and I don’t think it will ever get back to the older days when people only signed to one label (but this is different for major labels of course). I can see in the future that labels will do more in the way of selling their own product directly to the fans. The way that social media has changed everybody’s life (what did some people do before Facebook with their time haha, they seem to spend their life on it!) has made it much easier for groups or labels to sell directly rather than through a store, which in turn makes more money for the artist and the label…

FRISKY: Is there an era, or style, of music that you find you connect most with?

SP: I am a musical geek. I love all sorts. From underground disco and Larry Levan to early house and Graeme Park at the Hacienda, to Sasha at Shelly’s to everything newer via house, progressive’s golden era and techno and then back to the Beatles and 60’s soul. I can bore most people to tears talking about music. However I’m most happy when listening and playing brand new music, house and techno and all of its various shades and colours. I’ve never tried to be stuck by one sound, I think it’s important to keep it fresh, but always know where you’ve musically come from at the same time.

FRISKY: Are there any current or upcoming projects you are excited about working on?

SP: Studio-wise I’m working on a track at the moment, just need to finish that off, it’s pretty old style acid house! (I’m a sucker for acid house!). Next up I’ll making a remix for Selador Reloads Vol 2 for later in the year.  I would like to be doing more stuff in the studio, it’s just a time thing with me, juggling work, label, DJing, radio, studio and family… I’m not complaining though, I love it!

FRISKY: Where do you see the industry heading next?

SP: I see Kickstarter and crowd funding being a dominant force though - Selador launched the World’s first Crowd funded CD DJ Mix… and it felt good… I think a lot of people didn’t understand the thought process of how it all worked, and people thought we were just out to make money off others, and I had a lot of people asking me questions galore until the product was finished, and then I think it kind of clicked with people. It’s a different way of doing things, and for us as a new label, we certainly didn’t have the funds to do it, so we were very happy that Selador Reloads was pretty much done by people power!

Hmm… apart from that… I’m not sure if I’ve really thought about that really… things move very quickly in all aspects of the industry… from the shelf life of a track, to the new technology… I love the way it keeps moving… every day is different, and has been since I started working in it, maybe that’s why its so exciting, there is always stuff to do, there’s always that new tune that you want, there’s always somebody rising through the ranks, there is always new technology, there’s always great music and of course you can always have a great club night to let your hair down!

I suppose thinking about it… one day people will be able to DJ from their phones or watches with virtual music steamed and automixed in key for them… all sounds like something that Paris Hilton would love rather than me though haha!

FRISKY: Now that the dust has settled, what impact do you feel the Selador Sessions Kickstarter project has made, and what’s next for Selador Recordings?

SP: Hopefully it has opened the floodgates for other DJs and labels to try things, not just CD mixes. I mean its great to see Nick Warren using the idea… if Nick’s works (which I’m sure it will), then I think people will jump on the idea. We would like to do a Vol 2 as well, not too sure when as yet, but it’s been discussed between us…

Coming on Selador we have a few EPs that we are lining up from great artists with really great remixes too - if we land these EPs that we are putting together we will be very happy, as it’s a lot of people that we love musically!

A few things I can tell you about - next is our ‘Selador Showcase - First Edition’ which is a collection of great tracks from some people that have been on the label before and a few new editions… it’s musically ranging from deep to peak time stuff, almost like a DJ set in one collection…

We also have coming soon remixes of Chris Fortier - Music Makes The Body - which are lining up to be rather hot!

Thank you to Steve Parry for the fantastic interview, we are really looking forward to this Artist of the Week show! Be sure to tune in next Tuesday, March 25th at 2PM EST [convert timezone] and be a part of the past, present, and future of electronic music.

…and catch Steve Parry LIVE on March 29th at Selador with Dave Seaman, presented by FRISKY. Get your tickets here!

FRISKY Loves India - March 29 2014

March 21st, 2014 |

Frisky Loves India
Premiere: Saturday March 29 2014 @ 4AM EST [convert timezone]

On Saturday March 29th 2014, FRISKY returns to India for an update on their continuously thriving dance music scene. Featuring some of the most popular and well respected DJs in the country, FRISKY Loves India is a journey into the depths of underground music, and a reflection on the impact it makes on those who are a part of it. Including FRISKY Radio residents as well as new talent, FRISKY Loves India will fully immerse you in the various sounds and styles of India.

With DJs representing a host of the biggest and most influential players in the country’s dance music industry, FRISKY Loves India will be an epic event from start to finish. Coming from Submerge, one of the original groups that paved the way for homegrown talent by bringing in a wide variety of international acts, are DJs Shubs and Nikhil Chinapa. UnMute Agency, a successful agency dedicated to pushing Indian artists to the forefront, is represented by Audio Units, Vipul, and FRISKY artists Arjun Vagale and Praveen Achary. These artists, along with Color Ray, SEQU3L, and Surge[IN], are also being presented by Juicebox Music, a premier label whose FRISKY show always dominates the international airwaves. Booking Agency and Promotor “sLick!” is another FRISKY resident, whose creator Prateek Pandey will be making an appearance on the show. Coming from Tenzi FM, a radio station based in South India that has been bringing the club sound to their diverse listeners, are Stalvart John and Greg Tomaz. SQP, a project created by Shubs and Nirali Thanawala designed to help artists and brands get the right presence in the India scene, is also promoting this special event.

With the backing of India’s most dedicated groups, and featuring passionate DJs who focus on music first, FRISKY Loves India will be an event you definitely won’t want to miss. Tune in starting Saturday March 29 @ 4AM EST [convert timezone] for a one-of-a-kind experience into India’s underground… FRISKY style.


March 20th, 2014 |

Lost in Thought
Hosted by F-Act
Premiere March 27 @ 5PM EST [convert timezone]

F-Act’s love for music has deep roots that have been growing since his early childhood. Beginning in his father’s recording studio, and inspired by the futuristic sounds he was listening to, F-Act became enveloped by the rhythm and energy of electronic music at a young age. At age 17 he began DJing, and he has been producing electronic music since 1993. Happy to enjoy DJing and producing as a hobby within his own studio, in 2006 F-Act was approached by Mental-X, who played several of his tracks on his weekly radio show. He sent F-Act’s track “Dying Streetlamp” to Baroque records, which began a long string of releases on other labels such as Limeroads, LuPS, Mistique Music, Indigo Records, and more. As his sound began spreading around the world, F-Act started touring radio stations and clubs, where his energetic sets and powerful style earned the respect of listeners everywhere.

Popular with his peers and fans, F-Act has been a guest on many FRISKY radio shows, including Mind the Gap, Lightworks, Immersed, and Artist of the Week. Now hosting his own show Lost in Thought, F-Act will be bringing his lifelong experience and love for the music to the airwaves. Tune in beginning March 27 @ 5PM EST [convert timezone].

NEW SHOW :: sLick!Cast

March 14th, 2014 |


Premiere March 19 @ 8AM EST

sLick!Cast is a unique new show from India’s leading brand in underground house and techno: sLick!. For years they have been making major waves on the dance music scene in India, working with many top DJs including John Digweed, Dubfire, Guy J, Pleasurekraft, Dave Seaman, and many more. sLick! was also responsible for programming the Enchanted Valley Carnival, a large festival that took place in Mumbai last December. They continue to show that their passion for the music is what drives them, and their new FRISKY Radio show will be providing the perfect format for this energy.

Featuring regional talent as well as choice international acts, sLick!Cast will be bringing the best of India’s house music scene to the rest of the world. Every episode will be a fresh look at what has been happening locally, as well as a chance to get ready for what is coming up next for sLick! and their favorite artists. With a dedication to quality, and mission to promote the best in the industry, sLick! will have something special to offer on every episode of sLick!Cast.

Tune in for an unparalleled experience into the underground sound of India, beginning on March 18th at 8AM EST.

NEW SHOW :: FLUX - Luke Warren

March 11th, 2014 |

Hosted by Luke Warren
Premiere March 18 @ 1PM EST [convert timezone]

You can genuinely understand how Luke Warren feels about his music when you hear his beautifully crafted and thoughtfully blended sets. A journey from start to finish, his mixes immediately draw you in and keep you flowing until the end. Luke’s influences from the golden age of progressive can be heard within his music, a complete package that contains a subtle, smooth energy and gently progressing rhythm. With a modern sound that is definitively his own, characterized by an evolving build that gets to the heart of progressive house, Luke’s mixes reach an outstanding level of quality every time. Featured as a guest on several FRISKY shows, his Artist of the Week broadcast hit the Weekly Top 10 List, and was a fan favorite. His Logical Progression show and live DJ sets (sharing the stage with such legends as Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff) have proven that while his music is always adapting and growing, it continues to exude the same passion and energy.

Luke’s new show Flux will continue this journey, bringing FRISKY listeners a fresh, yet familiar sound that will take you to another level with each listen. Tune in to the beginning on Tuesday March 18th at 1PM EST [convert timezone] and listen on demand any time after on


March 3rd, 2014 |

Hosted by Daraspa
Premiere: March 10 2014 @ 9AM EST [convert timezone]

Daraspa has been quickly gaining recognition as a soulful and vibrant producer, whose music offers a combination of crisp progressive beats and warm hypnotic vibes. Based in the Netherlands, Daraspa’s sound has grown from years of dedication to the music and a wide range of DJ experiences in local clubs, as well as a residency in Mexico City. His EPs “Art of Illusion” and “Vaca Guitarra” truly put him on the map, receiving support from headline DJs such as John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Darin Epsilon, and many more.

Focusing on the music that creates a lasting memory for his listeners, Daraspa’s sound is often described as intimate, with sentimental and emotional atmospheres. Featured twice on Feelin’ Frisky, and as Artist of the Week earlier this year, Daraspa has already been making an impact on the Frisky listeners. His new show Halcyon is an expansion from his deep roots, an open space for new and future music coming from this dedicated and talented artist. Tune in to the premiere episode on Monday March 10th at 9AM EST [convert timezone] and get ready to get lost in the mix with Daraspa.


February 26th, 2014 |

Paranoid Grooves
Hosted by MUUI
Premiere: March 5 2014 @ 1PM EST [convert timezone]

MUUI is a multi-talented artist who loves to share his universe through vision, audio, and texture. His deep grooves provide a unique perspective, a sound that can vary from minimal tech to orchestrated electronica, with no unnecessary genre lines drawn between. Regardless of the classification, MUUI’s music is always exceptional, chosen for its flawless rhythms, deep melodies, and thoughtful journeys. His first and highly acclaimed album “Between The Lines” won the attention of many top DJs and producers, leading to a long line of successful singles and remixes on multiple labels.

His “Paranoid Dancer” radio show and “The Morning After” podcasts have received over 20,000 followers, and his “Artist of the Week show on Frisky was a listener favorite. In 2014, MUUI will be releasing his highly anticipated second studio album, and will be touring the globe with a brand new multi sensory experience. His new Frisky show “Paranoid Grooves” will be the perfect landing place for these ventures, an avenue for the musical magic coming from the ever expanding MUUI.

FRISKY Loves Philippines - March 1 2014

February 20th, 2014 |

FRISKY Loves Philippines
Premiere: Saturday March 1 @ 12AM EST [convert timezone]

The popular FRISKY Loves Series makes its next stop in the Philippines, islands filled with jungle landscapes and tropical beaches, as well as teeming megacities full of energy. With a young, active, and passionate dance music scene, the country is rocking in clubs of all sizes and styles on every day of the week. TIME in Manila is the leading venue in the financial/business district of Makati, playing underground house and techno to a dedicated crowd of followers.

Sadly, this beautiful country was devastated by Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan last November, with damage done and lives lost reaching unprecedented levels. FRISKY is dedicating this show to the relief efforts provided by organizations such as Tao Philippines Expeditions. When disaster struck, they jumped into gear and started collecting donations, as well as immediately setting up a relief effort that transported goods to those who needed it most. You can find out more about their efforts here: Typhoon Haiyan Relief for Northern Palawan.

Bringing the sound and energy of the Philippines to the rest of the world is a select group of talented DJs, led by the expert guidance of Ingo Volgelmann. Eleven artists will be covering a diverse set of genres, ranging from the deep house of Manila native Alinep, to progressive and tech sounds from Marshall White and Pav Parrotte, to funky soul vibes from Miss Badkiss. Covering all the styles that you would be hearing throughout the many busy clubs, FRISKY Loves Philippines will keep you moving all day or all night long.

Please join FRISKY Loves Philippines on Saturday March 1st starting at 12AM EST [convert timezone], and help support the people of the Philippines in their recovery, while enjoying the best from their dance music scene.