FRISKY Loves Estonia - Saturday October 26 2013

October 21st, 2013 |

FRISKY Loves Estonia

Premiere: Saturday October 26 2013 @ 9AM EDT

For the next leg of Frisky’s worldwide tour, we will be traveling to Estonia, where the music scene continues to grow and leave a lasting impact on the industry. Home of the Tallinn Music Week, Estonia prides itself on being a fantastic host for this multi-genre and international music showcase. The electronic music scene is strongly represented in Estonia, and it is here where you will also find some of the most passionate and talented DJs and producers in the world. Frisky Loves Estonia will be bringing many of them to you through a day-long showcase of electronic music. The show will be featuring a wide variety of genres, with quality and passion always the constant between them. Expect some mind soothing chill out from Zero Gravity host Martin Grey, banging house from Janika Tenn, deep and techy prog from Mindgamers, and much, much more. When exploring the sound of Estonia, expect no lines to be drawn between genres, just powerful, passionate music coming from those who live their lives by the sound. Join in next Saturday October 26th, starting at 9AM EDT, and explore the best of what Estonia’s dance music scene has to offer.


October 17th, 2013 |

Hosted by Osakaman
Launch Date: October 23 2013 @ 8AM EST / 9PM TOKYO

OSAKAMAN has a uniquely smooth style, evolved from years of experience with the music. He started his music career focusing on balearic down tempo, a path that eventually led him to the deep progressive sound that he plays today. His sets are intricately designed, following a dark and hypnotic path that flows flawlessly from one tune to the next. As a live DJ, OSAKAMAN has been perfecting this method for over 12 years. He launched “Bass Works Recordings” with Sugiurumn and Nao Nomura earlier this year, and the label has already released a vast and strong set of EPs. Gulp! will be the ideal showcase for this deep and powerful music, the result of many years spent experimenting and finely tuning his sound. Featured as FRISKY Artist of the Week last month, OSAKAMAN has also appeared in multiple Feelin FRISKY episodes. Get to know him by listening to these fabulous sets, and get ready for Gulp! beginning October 23rd at 8AM EST / 9PM Tokyo.

NEW SHOW :: SUBZERO - Cool Carla

October 14th, 2013 |


Hosted by Cool Carla
Launch Date: October 20 2013 @ 9AM EST / 9PM MANILA

DJ Cool Carla is a music lover to the core. She has been a radio DJ since 1986, and has played in multiple bands of varying genres for many years. She was also a record producer for several underground bands in Manila, before eventually moving to San Francisco to become a professional chef. The proof that her life has revolved around music can be heard in her podcast “The Chill Out Sessions”, which she has been producing since 2010. Popular around the world, Cool Carla’s “The Chill Out Sessions” delivers a beautiful combination of sounds designed to soothe your soul. Now ready for a new era in her musical journey, she is bringing her wide range of experience and creative sound to Frisky Radio with her new show Subzero. Airing every third Sunday of the month at 9AM EST / 9PM Manila, Subzero will be the perfect new addition to the Chill Out Sunday broadcast.


October 2nd, 2013 |

Hosted by Djhana
Launch Date: October 9 2013 @ 8AM EST / 09PM TOKYO

Djhana’s wonderful Chillout Sundays and X-Chrome appearances have quickly made her a Frisky Radio favorite. As a resident DJ for the Japanese underground party “Unison”, Djhana has formed a special connection with her audiences, priding herself on taking listeners on a borderless journey filled with atmospheric and colorful spaces. For Arigatou, Djhana will showcase her Progressive side, featuring a beautiful mix of driving and melodic tunes from the past, present, and future. Airing every other month, Arigatou will surely get you hooked to Djhana’s smooth sound and peaceful vibes. Tune in from wherever you are, starting October 9th at 8AM EST / 09PM Tokyo.

In the mean time, get in the mood with some of her past mixes: Djhana @


September 27th, 2013 |

Electric Garden:Melburn

Presented by Luke Chable
Launch Date: October 3 2013 @ 9AM EST/11PM AUSTRALIA

Featuring Australian DJs chosen by the esteemed Luke Chable, Electric Garden: Melburn is an ever changing music showcase designed to promote the best talent in the industry. Expanding from his own popular Electric Garden show, Luke will be leaving this one to the guest DJs that he has personally chosen to represent his hometown and its fantastic music scene: Melbourne!

With Luke Chable’s decades of experience as a successful producer and professional DJ, you can trust that his selective ear and intense passion for the music will be heard through each choice. Electric Garden: Melburn is the perfect show for those who love to discover new talented artists, as well as hear from their favorites in a brand new format. Each broadcast will be a unique experience featuring a variety of genres, sounds, and styles, but the one thing you can always expect is to hear the best electronic music, straight from the the heart of Australia.

Tune in to the premiere episode airing on Thursday October 3rd, starting at 9AM EST/11PM Australia!

FRISKY Loves Poland - Saturday September 28 2013

September 18th, 2013 |

FRISKY Loves Poland
Premiere: Saturday September 28 2013 @ 9AM EST / 1500 POLAND

Frisky’s global music showcase continues with a trip to Poland, where we find our next group of dedicated and passionate DJs. Combining Frisky regulars with select brand new artists, Frisky Loves Poland will be covering the country’s dance music scene through a variety of perspectives and sounds. Expect to hear some deep and melodic progressive from favorites such as CJ Art and Marcooz, with house, ambient, and electronica represented by Adam Zasada, Paul Kwitek, and Ambeam.  This is just the start of what you will experience, with ten Polish DJs bringing their unique touch to the day-long event. Although there will be a variety of styles and grooves represented, all together these DJs and producers are creating a complete and seamless journey from start to finish, proving what truly makes the Polish music scene special. Tune in Saturday September 28th starting at 9AM EST / 1500 POLAND - you won’t want to miss a beat.


September 16th, 2013 |

FutureForm Music

Presented by Herc Kass & Kieren
Launch Date: September 23 2013 @ 9AM EST / 11PM AUSTRALIA

FutureForm Music is a selective musical platform focused on forward thinking, inspiring, and immersive dance music. The FutureForm label was created with an emphasis on quality over quantity, with their initial release of Quivver’s “The Fog” EP leading the way. Featuring remixes by Cid Inc., DNYO, and Kassey Voorn, “The Fog” sets the precedent for what will surely be a long lasting and impressive future in the industry.

What better place for FutureForm to bring their musical philosophy and polished sound to the radio than Frisky? Presented by Australia’s Herc Kass and Kieren, and featuring the finest selections of progressive, tech house, and electronica, FutureForm Music will be a seamless addition to the Frisky family. Tune in and find yourself at the cutting edge of the industry, while you get lost in a unique sensory experience created especially for the listener. Begin the journey at 9AM EST / 11PM AUSTRALIA on September 23, 2013, and join in anytime after on

FRISKY Loves Norway - Saturday September 7 2013

August 29th, 2013 |

FRISKY Loves Norway
Premiere: September 7th 2013 @06AM EST / 12PM NORWAY

Frisky Radio’s global music showcase continues with a journey to the Nordic to spend some quality airtime with the best electronic music representatives of Norway. Featuring some of the top producers in the country, Frisky Loves Norway will be presenting the latest tracks from Robert Solheim, Terje Saether, and Of Norway, through their finely tuned DJ sets. From the underground house and deep dub techno of Balerik and Marianne Iren, to the dark progressive house and tech house of Giselle Moen and Luis Molinari, Norway’s DJs will be representing a wide variety of genres that mix to create a unique experience indicative of their home. The whole show will be a adventure into the music, a whirlwind of influences all working together to bring the listener an experience to remember. Tune in September 7th, starting at 6AM EST / 12PM Norway!

NEW SHOW :: FERRY’S FIX - Ferry Corsten

August 21st, 2013 |

Ferry’s Fix
Hosted by Ferry Corsten
Launch Date: August 28 2013 @ 07PM EST

Making an impact in the industry since releasing his first record at age sixteen, Ferry Corsten’s accomplishments include dozens of hit records, worldwide tours, and multiple awards. Under the moniker System F, and in cooperation with Tiesto, Vincent de Moor, and Robert Smit (as Gouryella, Veracocha, and Starparty), Ferry’s tracks continually rose up the UK singles charts and became hits around the world. He was elected Producer of the Year at the Ericsson Muzik Awards in 1999, won at the Dancestar 2000 awards for his remix of Barber’s Adagio For Strings, received platinum status for his Trance Nation compilation, and was awarded the Silver Harp for his numerous contributions to the Dutch dance music industry. His list of hit records and successes in the industry is outstanding, but what truly matters is how much his music has made an impact on his audience and listeners.

For generations, he has moved, inspired, and captivated audiences of all sizes. Recently his shows have been an innovative combination of music and light, with Ferry DJing live inside a 3D LED cube complete with custom visuals. He has taken this performance around the world, and has recently been collaborating with Marcus Schultz under the name New World Punx. Their first performance together debuted at Madison Square Garden for A State Of Trance 600, and included the premiere of their new track “Romper”. Never one to rest, Ferry has also been producing a semi-annual 8-hour long live and interactive broadcast on Sirius XM. With an extensive list of accomplishments, an incredible passion of the music, and a seemingly endless supply of energy, Ferry Corsten is now adding one more piece to the puzzle: a show on Frisky Radio. Ferry’s Fix will feature his unique signature, showcasing the music and flow that can only come from years of experience playing music for the people, knowing how to take the audience on an epic journey.

The New FRISKY Goes Single-Page-App

August 19th, 2013 |

At FRISKY we want you to have the best listening and web experience, and today we’re launching a few significant updates to our beta site:

1. Uninterrupted playback as you browse the site.
2. Updated show pages.
3. Show times in your local time zone.
4. Search by genre.

1. Uninterrupted playback as you browse:
We’ve completely redone the the front-end and updated it to a single page web application.  Now you can enjoy seemless, uninterrupted radio and on-demand playback as you browse the site! To tune into the radio channels simply hover over the TUNE IN menu at the bottom of the page:

We’ve also made downloading or listening to a set easier. No longer is it necessary to click-thru to the show page to listen or download, simply hover over the artwork and press PLAY, or chose Download from the contextual menu.

2. Updated show pages:
Based on feedback from users, we’ve updated our show pages for a more streamlined look. Now, everything you need to know about a show and its episodes is presented in an easy and coherent way.

3. Show times in your local time zone:
FRISKY is an international site with fans and listeners from all over the world. As a result, there’s always been confusion about exactly when a show will air. Historically we’ve displayed all show times in FRISKY’s home town time zone: New York City (USA/EST). Thats fine for our listeners in New York, but it can be confusing for our fans in Korea or Dubai. Today, we’re launching a new feature on the beta site where we try to magically guess your local time zone and display all show times and upcoming episode times in your local time zone! Already used to the show times in USA/EST? Not to worry, you can still change the timezone in Member Settings.

4. Search by gearch & Other Search Improvements:
Another user-requested feature: ability to search based on genre. Now, you can click on the genre tags next to each set artwork on the show page to list similar sets from other artists.

And to search by genre, simply append a genre: to search term:

Click here to try the new updates now!

And here’s a preview of what we’re working on next:
1. Updated bottom-bar player. The player is only an alpha release. We’ll be adding more features in the coming days.
2. Follow DJs and Shows. Never miss another set from your favorite artist again! A new dashboard area will show all your favorite artists and shows in one page.
3. Recommendations. Expert human and algorithm curated recommendations based on your tastes and listening / downloading history.
4. Everything above - but on our iOS and Android apps, with a sexy new look!

This is just a taste of whats to come. We have a lot more things in the roadmap that we think will change the way you think of radio!

Huge props to our over-worked dev team on this amazing release! We hope you like the updates as much we do, and as always welcome feedback so do let us know what you think. Also, dont be shy about telling us what you think we should be working on!

Click here to try the new updates now!