FRISKY Loves Philippines - March 1 2014

February 20th, 2014 |

FRISKY Loves Philippines
Premiere: Saturday March 1 @ 12AM EST [convert timezone]

The popular FRISKY Loves Series makes its next stop in the Philippines, islands filled with jungle landscapes and tropical beaches, as well as teeming megacities full of energy. With a young, active, and passionate dance music scene, the country is rocking in clubs of all sizes and styles on every day of the week. TIME in Manila is the leading venue in the financial/business district of Makati, playing underground house and techno to a dedicated crowd of followers.

Sadly, this beautiful country was devastated by Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan last November, with damage done and lives lost reaching unprecedented levels. FRISKY is dedicating this show to the relief efforts provided by organizations such as Tao Philippines Expeditions. When disaster struck, they jumped into gear and started collecting donations, as well as immediately setting up a relief effort that transported goods to those who needed it most. You can find out more about their efforts here: Typhoon Haiyan Relief for Northern Palawan.

Bringing the sound and energy of the Philippines to the rest of the world is a select group of talented DJs, led by the expert guidance of Ingo Volgelmann. Eleven artists will be covering a diverse set of genres, ranging from the deep house of Manila native Alinep, to progressive and tech sounds from Marshall White and Pav Parrotte, to funky soul vibes from Miss Badkiss. Covering all the styles that you would be hearing throughout the many busy clubs, FRISKY Loves Philippines will keep you moving all day or all night long.

Please join FRISKY Loves Philippines on Saturday March 1st starting at 12AM EST [convert timezone], and help support the people of the Philippines in their recovery, while enjoying the best from their dance music scene.


February 11th, 2014 |

The Tape Archives
Hosted by Kosmas
Premiere: February 18 2014 @ 6PM EST [convert timezone]

With smooth, hypnotic sounds and carefully crafted sets, Kosmas is always bringing his audience to a new level through the music. Dedicated to creating a complete and memorable experience, he spends time building a mix rich with substance, good vibes, and beautiful flow. Inspired by creating sounds and driven to travel far and wide for the latest vinyl, Kosmas has been obsessing over the music since he was young. In the mid-90’s he started throwing his own parties around town, creating a powerful underground scene. In 2002 he began bringing that sound to the rest of Greece and making his way throughout the world. As a producer, Kosmas is selective and passionate, releasing tracks that are fun, thoughtful, and memorable on such labels as Precinct Recordings, Deep Records, and Plastik Park.

Featured on many Frisky Radio shows including Lightworks, Conversions, and Freeze, he was also Frisky’s Artist of the Week last December. As dedicated as ever, Kosmas’ new show The Tape Archives will be the perfect next step for him to spread his sound, showcasing all he has experienced while taking the music into the future. Tune in to the the premiere episode February 18 @ 6PM EST [convert timezone] and then listen again anytime after on demand at


January 29th, 2014 |

Hosted by Dousk
Premiere: February 5 2014 @ 12PM EST [Convert Timezone]

Dousk’s dedication to quality and passion for the music can be heard throughout his distinctive productions and creative mixes. His combination of classical music studies and technical experience enable him to lend a unique perspective on electronic music of all styles. With two successful album releases, a host of productions under such labels as Bedrock and Vapour Recordings, numerous compositions for computer games, and music featured on multiple hit TV shows, Dousk already has a wide variety of accomplishments to his name. Adding more to this list of achievements is a busy worldwide touring schedule, where he finds himself at the most popular festivals and clubs in the scene.

Dousk has also appeared as a guest on multiple Frisky Radio shows including a recent appearance on Darin Epsilon’s Perspectives, and a feature as Artist of the Week last February. Now he will be able to put his full creative power into his own creation: Acrobatics. Featuring a polished sound that comes from years of dedication to music, emphasis on quality, and experience in the studio and stage, Acrobatics will surely be a new favorite for Frisky listeners across the board. You won’t want to miss this! Tune in to the premiere on February 5th at 12PM EST (convert to your timezone here) or listen any time after on demand.

FRISKY Loves Lithuania - January 25 2014

January 11th, 2014 |

FRISKY Loves Lithuania

Premiere: Saturday January 25 @ 8AM EST

The popular FRISKY Loves series is back and ready to start off the new year in style, with a journey to Lithuania. FRISKY Loves Lithuania will be showcasing the unique energy and atmosphere that comes from this beautiful and vibrant location, a place that is filled with people passionate about their music and dancing. Representing their country are a wide variety of famous and underground DJs, including FRISKY resident Suffused, Kastis Torrau, ModeMT, DJ Sun, Yakoff, and many more. They will be showcasing a multitude of different genres, from deep house to progressive to techno, all transmitted with the quality you can always expect from FRISKY Radio.

Although electronic music is a language with no borders, each location has that unique sound formed by the local environment and community. Get ready to get lost in the sound of Lithuania, and join FRISKY on Saturday January 25th, starting at 8AM EST to listen to the spirit of house music as told through these exceptional DJs.


December 30th, 2013 |

Ambience and Noise
Hosted by Martyn Warren
Premiere: January 5 2104 @ 11AM EST [Convert Timezone]

The brand new CHILL show “Ambience and Noise” hosted by Martyn Warren, will feature an eclectic combination of genres, blended beautifully to create a unique and varied sonic experience. Mixing cinematic scores with ambient soundscapes, IDM, and modern classical, Martyn’s music covers a wide range of ages and styles, with the most careful attention given to the overall emotions and atmosphere of the set. His previous mixes on Chillout Sundays and Cinematics showcase this focus, with tracks that keep your attention and take you deep into the music. Get lost in the mix with “Ambience and Noise”, premiering January 5th at 11AM EST (convert to your timezone) on the FRISKY CHILL channel.


December 26th, 2013 |

Mind Games
Hosted by Sylvie
Premiere: January 1 2014 @ 4PM EST [Convert Timezone]

Sylvie has been defining, perfecting, and flowing with the music since her early beginnings in the Hungarian scene in 1996. Passionate about sharing her style and sound, she has spent much time abroad, in areas such as Austria, Romania, and Transylvania, bringing a deep, smooth, progressive message to the people. Not one to be defined by genre, Sylvie has continued to mix multiple styles, from deep techno to minimal, progressive house to breaks, and many levels in between. What comes across is always thoughtful, intelligent music, filled with emotion and feeling that last.

In 2012 she teamed up with Khristian K to form definitelyBAD, a label designed to deliver energetic, dynamic, and cliche free sounds for underground electronic music fans around the world. To share the exceptional music that comes from those efforts, Sylvie is introducing a brand new Frisky Radio show: Mind Games. Her last appearances on Feelin Frisky, Arist of the Week, and X-Chrome have been dark, deep, and hypnotic journeys, and Mind Games will be taking you right along the same path. Bringing in the new year with new sounds, Mind Games will premiere January 1st starting at 4PM EST (convert to your timezone here), and you can tune in anytime after on

FRISKY Presents Dave Seaman - The Selador Sessions

December 15th, 2013 |

Catch the world broadcast premier of Dave Seaman’s The Selador Sessions exclusively on FRISKY on December 17 2013 @ 5PM EST. (Convert time to your timezone here)

Ever since becoming one of the first DJs to release a CD mix compilation back in 1996, Dave Seaman has continued to rack up a long list of significant and memorable impacts on the electronic music industry. From his outstanding journeys on the dance floor to his perfectly blended Global Underground compilations, he has always been both at the forefront and into the depths of the music. His Radio Therapy show is consistently on Frisky’s Top 10, an audience favorite due to his unique blending of genres that put style and substance first.

Never one to stop pushing the boundaries of the music and the industry as a whole, he recently broke new ground by creating the first ever crowd-funded mix compilation. Funded solely by the fans, The Selador Sessions was only available to those who had backed the project during the Kickstarter campaign. Representing his new label with full force, the CD brought together the fans and the artists in a new and exciting way, and truly lived up to its landmark status.

Now, for the first time ever, this groundbreaking limited release will be aired in full, on a special Radio Therapy Broadcast.

Frisky Radio caught up with Dave Seaman for a quick 5-minute chat to discuss this project and to see what’s coming up next:

FRISKY: What was the most surprising part of the Kickstarted / Selador Sessions project?  What did you expect going into this?
Dave Seaman: That was the thing, I didn’t really know what to expect. It was a journey into the unknown for me. A few months prior to launching the campaign I didn’t know what Kickstarter was so I’m sure it was a new idea to a lot of other people too. But I’m so glad I did it. It was a really exciting thing to do probably because of that risk element of it possibly not working. It had never been done before so it feels good to be treading new ground and was a real sense of achievement when the goal was reached.

FRISKY: Describe the challenges of licensing music for this rather unusual comp: the cd wont be sold in stores theres no future sales. How did labels react? Any particular lessons learnt?
Dave: Yeah. It took a while for a few people to get their heads around the concept. I suppose it all sounded too good to be true to a lot of labels as we were giving them an advance on an album that wasn’t going to be on sale anywhere. It was a limited edition only available to the backers of the project. So no iTunes, no Beatport, no Amazon, etc I think a lot of them were looking for the catch. But there wasn’t one. It was a win win situation :-)

FRISKY: What was the most enjoyable part of the process?
Dave: Reaching the funding goal! haha We need to raise £25,000 to make the project happen and ending up passing that with 11 days to spare of the 30 day campaign. That was a great feeling. But the whole experience was a joy really. Doing something out of my comfort zone and that hadn’t been done before gave me a kick for sure.

FRISKY: As part of the pledge prizes, you gave away DJ lessons and private parties for larger donations. What were some of the rather, erm… “unusual” pledge perks that were discussed that didn’t make the final cut?
Dave: Haha. We did most of the ones that were discussed. VIP nights out, DJ lessons, private parties were no brainers really. It was those that caught the imaginations of the backers I think. People like to be able to buy experiences these days. Something a bit different from the norm. Things that traditionally would only have ever been possible if you one a competition or something. They were all on offer. And everyone I’ve done so far has been a pleasure.

FRISKY: What, in your mind, is the future of music labels?

Dave: Labels are becoming more like hubs for gangs of like minded producers and DJs to work from. I suppose that has been the case with a lot of labels for some time but I think it’s becoming even more so. It’s a great way to put your flag in the sand and associate yourself with other artists on your wavelength.

FRISKY: So what’s next for Dave Seaman and Selador Records?  

Dave: We’ve got a load of releases ready to go from the likes of Rob Hes, Gabriel Ananda, Robert Babicz, Nicolas Massayeff, Dapayk and myself. And we did our first label party recently in Liverpool which sold out so we’ll definitely be pursuing that more regularly. It’s going to be a busy 2014 :-)

You definitely won’t want to miss this! Tune to the The Selador Sessions broadcast, airing December 17th at 5PM EST (Convert Timezone) immediately following the Radio Therapy show.Selador Sessions on FRISKY

FRISKY Loves Sullivan Room

December 9th, 2013 |

FRISKY Loves Sullivan Room
Premiere: Saturday December 14th @ 11AM EST[Convert timezone]

For nearly 12 years, Sullivan Room was one of New York’s most memorable and accommodating clubs, hosting an international representation of the finest electronic music. When they opened their doors in 2001, it was with the intention to be a gleam of hope in a city recovering from tragedy, and for over a decade they brought inspiration, family, and life-changing experiences to a wide range of dedicated house music fans. Sullivan Room followed a different formula from the other clubs in the city, taking risks by flying in underground DJs from around the world, rather than relying on one big name resident. By taking chances on new talents, the sound was always fresh and the experience was always special. In 2009, Frisky Radio brought their deep sounds to the Sullivan Room with its inaugural getFrisky! NYC party, the perfect fit for an event featuring Sultan, Royal Sapien, 2DamnCheeky, and Gilk.

On Wednesday November 20th, with less than 12 hours notice, the club was forced to shut down for good. Although the spirit and energy of Sullivan Room may not fit with the future businesses taking its space, the memories it created will forever live on in every one who experienced this unique and creative location. Frisky Loves Sullivan Room is a tribute to all those people who made a difference by being a part of it.

Featuring: [line up in order of appearance]

•    Dani Lehman
•    Daniel Wilde
•    Gel Abril
•    Hector Romero
•    Lele Sacchi
•    Rich Foster
•    Rob Keith
•    Samsara Brothers
•    Silky
•    Teenage Mutants
•    The Scumfrog
•    TiTO

Be sure to tune in this Saturday, December 14th starting at 11AM EST, and keep the music, energy, and memory of Sullivan Room alive. For show times in your timezone where ever you are in the world, click here.

NEW SHOW :: GROOVE ON - George Morel

November 29th, 2013 |

Groove On
Hosted by George Morel
Launch Date: December 5 2013 @ 7PM EST

George Morel is a highly accomplished DJ and Producer who has been an integral part of the electronic music scene for decades. He is appreciated worldwide for his unique sound, which has been perfected through years of producing original combinations of deep, minimal, and tech house. His passion for room filling, soul moving music can be heard in his stellar productions and DJ sets, and his consistency and attention to detail reveal a dedicated artist who cares about the music above all. George Morel’s record label Groove On encapsulates this essence, with a long list of tracks made for the real house music fan. His new Frisky Radio show will be covering this ground and more, with his years of experience and impressive catalog of tunes ready to be unleashed on the airwaves. Tune in to the premiere broadcast on Thursday December 5, starting at 7PM EST, to hear what Groove On is all about.

 Get ready by listening to his Artist of the Week episode!


November 1st, 2013 |

Hosted by DJhana
Launch Date: November 10 2013 @ 8AM EST / 9PM TOKYO

DJhana’s new show Arigatou had a strong debut last month; the beautiful and intricate Progressive event was a listener favorite and Frisky Staff Pick. This month, she will be changing the soundscape and showcasing her chill side, with the premiere of Hadou. Switching between shows each month, DJhana will be constantly creating new and memorable experiences from multiple angles. For Hadou she is bringing a fresh sound to Chillout Sundays, where her smooth and seamless mixes will fit perfectly into the always stellar lineup. Tune in at 8AM EST on Sunday November 10th, or stream online anytime after the broadcast, and get lost in spacey ambient atmospheres that take you to another level. You can find her previous Chillout Sunday appearances at, and keep a look out for Arigatou, airing a new episode on December 11th.