The SoulSista Paradiso EP on Triplefire promotes our connections to nature and each other. tweet

South Africa’s underground electronic music scene is driven by the passion of its members, through the connections made by the strong bond between artists and industry members alike. One of these bonds recently conceived is between SoulSista, a dedicated SA-based DJ & Producer who currently calls Mexico home, and Triplefire Music, Ryan Sullivan’s continuously productive label that promotes top music from South Africa and beyond. The connection that was forged is in the release of Paradiso – a hypnotic and melodic EP that contains dance floor ready beats and spiritual undertones, ready to be unleashed on August 7th.

Photo by Ryan Sullivan

SoulSista and Ryan Sullivan share their thoughts on this coming together:

Ryan Sullivan: Although we’ve never met in person, SoulSista and I have been in contact for quite some time and we have a few mutual friends in the music industry. After sending me a few tracks to consider for release, I absolutely loved Paradiso and so we went through her productions together to see how best to release them, so a follow up EP from SoulSista is in the pipeline too.

SoulSista: Being from South Africa and being a woman in this industry definitely has been a struggle. People like Ryan from Triplefire Music has always supported women in Electronic Music, and that for me is what cemented our relationship musically we have the same ethos.

Each also shares their input on the tracks in the EP itself:

RS: Paradiso is filled with flow and groove which I love. It generates a moody atmosphere on the dance floor and has a trance inducing effect on people. Those characteristics are important to me both when I DJ and when I listen to music leisurely.

Gitana is more melodic and bright. For me it creates a beautiful, uplifting and refreshing vibe. There are moments when you’re on a dance floor and you bask in the beauty of the moment, look around to check that you’re not the only one that feels that way and a few returned smiles from the people around you confirm the moment. Gitana is that moment for me.

SS: This record for me was inspired by the beauty of nature our planet and the world we live in, I was on a trip in the Mayan jungle when this idea for the record was born. It means that we need to take care of where we live and protect it at all costs.

Earth is our only home. tweet

What is your motivation for creating music?

SS: To be honest it’s probably a rare thing these days, but I do it for the love of the music, really music has been a huge part in my life growing up, it literally saved my life.  I got into DJ’ing when it wasn’t the thing to do. Making music is a very spiritual journey for me. What motivates me the most is that this track might make a difference in someone else’s life as music did for me.

If there was one message that you would want to share through your music, what would it be?

Spiritual growth and conscious living. Inner growth and healing. tweet

What else is coming up this Summer?

SS: This summer I will release 2 EP’s the 1st one is Paradiso, which will be out in August on Triple Fire Music and the second will be announced soon there after, I will be touring Tulum, Playa del Carmen Mexico beginning of August. That I’m very excited about, Tulum is very special to me, it’s a deeply spiritual connection that I have with this region, it inspires me tremendously.

I recently launched, The Protea and Dahlia by SoulSista project it’s a fashion and lifestyle brand inspired by nature, travel, art and the vibrant countries of South Africa and Mexico – my two homes. The 1st creation within the range – a Hat Line called The Luna and The Sol (Spanish for Moon and Sun) – it inspires individuals to explore their dreams and live their journeys with the curiosity and wonder of every moment.

This summer I will be doing Pop up shops in Mexico and early next year to South Africa with a brand new range from Protea and Dahlia

RS: Besides regular releases from African artists, we’re focusing heavily on events at the moment. KONA is our monthly event at Mødular in Cape Town in collaboration with Techtris. I’m also heading to Vietnam for Quest Festival as HOTS Productions has invited Triplefire to cohost a boat cruise stage.

Then we also host a monthly Triplefire showcase at The Brass Bell on the Cape Southern Peninsula and we’re traveling more with the label nights, hosting them around South Africa as well as starting to explore the rest of Africa. This is a huge continent, I’ve barely touched the surface in my career and I’ve been at it for twenty years. The energy is electric here and it’s all very exciting.

Paradiso will be released August 7th on Triplefire Music.

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